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Sponsorship Request Page Help!

Most of these events will seek differing level of sponsorship from companies or
individuals. When you click the button corresponding to the level of sponsorship you want to
donate, you will be prompted to enter your name, address and email address.

The system will then create and email you an "invoice" for your sponsorship level
along with directions for payment.

Your sponsorship - regardless of the level - is always greatly appreciated!

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Test Sponsors page
Sponsorship Signup Page

You can use the PayPal buttons to make your sponsorship via credit card or you can click the "Email an Invoice" button and you will be prompted to fill out the invoice information and an invoice will be emailed to you.  All sponsorship checks should be mailed to:
<%=Session("glbHostAddr1") %>
<%=Session("glbHostAddr2") %>
<%=Session("glbHostAddr3") %>.

you can contact the Event Leader (<%=Session("glbEvtLeadCont") %>) via
email at <% Response.Write("" & Session("glbEvtLeadEmail") & "")%>
phone at <%=Session("glbEvtLeadContPhone") %>

Event Sponsor $1,500.00 Refreshment Sponsor $1,250.00
  • 4 Golfers
  • Advertising Inside & Outside Venue
  • Full Page Advertisement in Program
  • 4 Golfers
  • Large Advertising Inside Venue
  • 1/2 Page Advertisement in Program

The Eagle Sponsor $1,000.00 The Box Sponsor $500.00
  • 2 Golfers
  • Table Top Advertising
  • 1/4 Page Advertisement in Program
  • Advertising on Tee Box
  • Business Card Advertisement in Program

The Club Sponsor $250.00 The Connection Sponsor $150.00
  • Advertising on Tee Box
  • Business Card Advertisement in Program